Privacy Policy

WAKE UP is conscious of the need and pays due and careful attention to respecting your privacy and handling and protecting personal information.
The following is our privacy statement.

Takeshi Shimamura
Representative Director & President, WAKE UP Co., Ltd.

Personal Information Collection and Purpose of Use

We may ask you to provide personal details when you submit application forms, make inquiries or subscribe to email news. We ask you to provide the following personal information:
・Date of birth
・Email address
・Contact details (Telephone, FAX, mobile phone)
・Employer & employer’s address ・Section & position

Information We Ask You to Provide in Questionnaires

WAKE UP shall collect and manage the personal information provided thereby for administrative use, marketing for the development of new programs, sending out notices, and improving services we provide.
No personal information shall be provided to any third party beyond outsourcing contractors, except in instances where the customer has given his/her consent or instances requested by law, etc. Your personal information shall be managed with due and proper care, and your privacy is securely protected.

Sharing of Personal Information

The results of and the abovementioned personal information from participation in any of our programs shall be shared with the respective outsourcing contractors. The information shall not be used for any purpose outside the development of programs.
There may also be occasions where the above mentioned personal information is provided when we conclude outsourcing agreements with other third parties for the provision of special services. We shall properly manage and supervise outsourcing contractors, selecting those that duly meet the standards for protecting personal information according to specified outsourcing criteria, and which are obliged by contract not to divulge personal information, etc. The provision of personal information to outsourcing contractors may be halted at the request of a client, but this may result in the inability to provide relevant services.

Confirmation, Deletion, Corrections, Changes, etc. to Personal Information

Please contact us if you wish to confirm, delete, correct, change or otherwise modify the personal information you have provided. Your personal information shall be used to introduce our programs, events, and suchlike. Please contact us if you do not wish your personal information to be used for this purpose. We shall promptly respond to inquiries upon confirmation of your identity.

Disclaimer Concerning Disclosure of Personal Information

No personal information, in principle, shall be disclosed to any third party. However, there may be instances where such information shall be disclosed without your consent when we are requested to do so by the Police, courts of law, and other legal institutions in accordance with the law. Your understanding is appreciated.


This privacy statement shall apply solely to WAKE UP.


Please contact us by telephone or email if you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy.
WAKE UP Co., Ltd.
Tel : +81-3-5436-1061
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WAKE UP reserves the right to modify this privacy statement in whole or in part. However, we shall not modify this privacy statement for the purpose of enabling us to provide personal information to any third party without consent.
Notice shall be given on this website regarding any and all revisions.